2007年4月5日 ガンネルとビーム、その他の組上げ その2 Assembling gunwales and deck beams 2


Cutting down mortise woods stuck out the gunwale, and fixing the cut-ends by using a chisel( photo1). Then lashing gunwales and deck beams has to be done( photo2).


And two reinforcement materials for bow and stern section. These are lashed inside of gunwales also( photo3).


End pieces of bow and stern are put in the place and be fixed with wooden nails( photo4).


Since I am planning to do proper assembling at the museum, this deck section is once fixed with screws.

写真1.  糸道は必ずつける。材の角と糸がすれると糸が切れる。

To avoid cutting the strings for lashing by accident, you should make gutter.

写真2.  本結び。結び目はスキンを痛めないようにするため、スキンと接触しない所に作る。

A knot of lashing. Tie a knot on the place where it does not hurt the covering canvas.

写真3.  直径1cm程度の丸材。バウ、スターンエンドピースが、上下前後に動き過ぎるのを防ぐための材。

A reinforcement material. 1cm caliber wood.

写真4.  直径8mm程度の木釘を使う。無理に打ち込むと、ガンネルが割れるので注意する。

Fixing the stern piece with 8mm round wood nails. Be careful and don’t drive them too strong, or you will make a serious crack on gunwales!

写真5.  組み上がった、ガンネルとビームなど。




An assembled flame work of Baidarka is beautiful. You can see the art of construction and method which filled with mysteries.

In middle of June, a work shop for assembling the flame work will be planning. I will be there, but I am sorry if I had a crabby looking ! It just means that I am enduring birth pangs・・・・.



2007年4月12日 平田文典君が英訳してくれる理由 The reason why Boone Hirata translates these articles









Years ago, I asked him to work together. Those days he was rumbling North African desert to find some dinosaur fossil or some day dream, some how he came back to Japan with his wife, and came to Yamaguchi to help my work.

We had worked together and associated for two years, but I don’t have any memories if we have made conversation about Baidarka. May be, by any chance, we have spoken about kayak for half an hour.

We both are kind a person who understand things without words. About kayaks which we have built, we think that watching and riding, paddling are only the way to reach an answer. I mean, we both are not good at treat the world by words.

Now they are living in Tanegashima.

When I decided to start this project, I asked him to do translation. Again, we are thinking same thing.

It is that there is no document which describes builder’s mental images.

It is that we have desire to represent the way how us Mongoloid treat the world and lives.

And especially, we want Aleutian people to know this project. Because this all belongs to them. As who build and ride a traditional kayak of North, we want to return Baidarka to them.

If there was anyone who has Aleutian “unangan” friends, please let them know.

I am plowing my field day and day, and Boone Hirata is reaping sugarcane.

And we are hoping the revival of Aleut’s pride, Baidarka.


2007年4月17日 バウピースの加工 その1 The processing a bow piece 1





Cutting out a bow piece from a spruce, or a cypress plank(40x20x10cm cross grain).This time, I used a Taiwanese cypress ( photo1,2).

First, saw-off an excess on right-left (photo3,4), then lower part (photo5).

And shape a piece by using a chisel. If you want clean finish on the cut-end, saw the cutting line at first, then use a chisel (photo6,7,8,).

On the rear part of a piece, use a plane and a Sen ( Japanese hand-tool. Work like a spoke-shaven, photo9).

写真1.  今や貴重品の台湾檜。

It is not easy to get a plank of Taiwanese cypress like this now.

写真2.  その緻密にうねる木目。

Grains run very closely.

写真3.  普段は鉈や手斧ではつるが、工程が分かり易いように作業した

Normally I use a hatchet or a hand axe for this process, but I used a saw and a chisel and so in order to make this work looks simple.

写真4.  バウ材の上から見たところ。

A piece and excesses on a plank( horizontal)

写真5.  バウ材の横から見たところ。

A piece and some more excess (vertical)

写真6.  切り込みの入れ過ぎに注意する。

When you use a saw, never push it too deep.

写真7. 木目を読みながら慎重に大胆に。

Along the grain of wood, work carefully and boldly.

写真8. 削り終わったところ。

Finished almost !


A Sen is a remarkably convenient tool. You can do rough-shaping to finishing by this.

4月17日・新月 目覚めはとても爽やかだ。こころも穏やかに静かに高揚している。こんな日こそ、バウの制作に相応しい。刃物を通し、静謐に木と向かい合える。






A day of new moon, 17th of April.

I woke up in the morning refreshingly. And my mind was so quiet and powerful, getting ready to begin the work for a bow piece. My sharpened mind and hands, and tools and wood, all showed me the way.

There was some wood material which I really wanted to use for this Baidarka. It was Taiwanese cypress wood. During our history, it has been used for rebuilding of big tamples. Grain runs very closely. It contains a lot of nice natural resin and oil. And it smells very nice.

Since cutting and importing it is forbidden now, it is not easy to get it.

You see a small burned part on a plank on photo1.

10years ago, my friend’s wood storage had been caught in a big fire. Only few Taiwanese cypress plank was survived.

My friend gave me one of a plank which excellent 6m long, and once I planed to use it for a gunwale of a kayak.

But I could not assent to the condition of grain, I cut it to some piece after one while week undecided. That was a tough moment ! I could hardly saw precious wood like this !

Now my atelier is being filled with spirit and aroma of Taiwanese cypress.

I am so happy working in such environment.




2007年4月23日 バウピースの加工 その2 The processing a bow piece 2



Finishing a bow piece( photo1). Before finishing, bury a buffer material on the top of the piece( photo2~6).

Then put it in gunwales( 7~9).

写真1.  槍カンナで仕上げた。

I finished this bow piece by using a Yari-ganna (an old style Japanese plane which shape like a spear point).

写真2.  バウピース上部。

An upper side of a bow piece.

写真3.  下部。

A lower side.

写真4.  横部。

A side view.

写真5.  前部。

A front.

写真6.  後部。

Seeing from a rear.

写真7.  バウピースが収まるように、ガンネルの端を一部削る。

In order to put a piece , shave a bit on the end of gunwales.

写真8.9  ガンネルに収まったバウピース。

A bow piece in a proper position.



Grains of Taiwanese cypress run very subtle. I worked for it with a Yari-ganna. It makes unique shaven-litter. Of course you can finish the surface of wood by much more normal, and modern plane. Or, you may take just piece of a sanding paper !

But we can show some respect to the dignity of wood, by using such a old-fashioned, history-proofed hand tool.




洲澤育範 Traditional Skin Kayak, Birchbark Canoe の研究と復元をライフワークとする。 山口県在住。 EL COYOTE

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